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Foreign Supplier Verification Programs Course for Foods and Dietary Supplements

Sept. 20 - 21, 2018 (two-day course)

Do you import ingredients?

This course is designed to help participants understand the role of food importers under the new Foreign Supplier Verification Programs (FSVP) rule, part of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

This course will provide participants with the knowledge to implement the requirements of the FSVP regulation. including:

  • Determining known or reasonably foreseeable hazards with each food imported
  • Evaluating the risk posed by the food (based on a hazard analysis and foreign supplier’s performance)
  • Using that evaluation to approve suppliers
  • Conducting supplier verification activities
  • Maintaining documents that are required to demonstrate compliance with the regulation.

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The evolving U.S. omega-3 market—and what it means for China

 By Adam Ismail

The markets in both countries are similar, but growth drivers in China are unique

While the U.S. market is the largest global market, consumers in China represent the second largest market for omega-3 products, spending more than US$5.7 billion on supplements, infant formulas, fortified foods and other applications. Comparing the two markets is important because China will ultimately become like the U.S. if the current market dynamics continue. CONTINUE →

Who’s your PCQI?


By Loren Israelsen, President, United Natural Products Alliance

If I were to ask, “Who is your PCQI?” (Preventive Controls Qualified Individual), there would be three typical responses:

1. What is PCQI?
2. I don’t know; I’ll ask around and get back to you.
3. Yes, we do have a PCQI (BTW: PCQI is a person, not a thing!).

If an FDA investigator or a major customer were to ask this question of you or your staff, then what? I confess, it took me a while to get the acronym and the concept of PCQI straight in my head, so if that is your situation, you are not alone.

What’s a PCQI?

So, what (remember, it is a “who”) is PCQI?

Preventive Controls for Human Foods is one of seven provisions of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), the most sweeping reform of our food safety laws in more than 70 years, which was signed into law by President Obama on January 4, 2011. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), FSMA aims to “ensure the U.S. food supply is safe by shifting the focus from responding to contamination to preventing it.”  CONTINUE →


U.S. consumer perceptions about supplements are mixed, but it’s still a call to action

By Rick Polito, Editor-in-Chief, Nutrition Business Journal (From the UNPA Asia Report, 3Q17, as published in Asiaceutical Insights

Trust is a block, even a cornerstone, in the foundation of any industry. In supplements, it is the foundation. 

That foundation, Nutrition Business Journal (NBJ) consumer research suggests, has some cracks. Whether they spread, or the mortar weakens, becomes the biggest shadow darkening the industry today. How that foundation can be strengthened becomes the biggest question.

But the troubling nature of the results cannot be questioned at all.

NBJ and New Hope Network surveyed 500 people. Among the most troubling responses for supplements was the category’s “trust” ranking among various industries and professions. The question was posed as, “How trustworthy are the following industries or institutions?” Supplements did not fare well. CONTINUE →

Featured Video: UNPA's FSVP training overview

Larisa Pavlick, UNPA's VP, Global Regulatory & Compliance, discusses the upcoming FSVP training, Sept 20-21, in Sandy, Utah.



in the 1Q18 ISSUE of Asiaceutical Insights

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New Prop 65 Insurance Coverage

Announcing new Prop 65 insurance coverage for dietary supplements from LifeScienceRisk, a UNPA member. Unlike previous coverage, this is a stand-alone policy that was developed after a careful review of Prop 65 claims and cost of administrative defense and settlements.



UNPA is currently updating its Utah Dietary Supplement Directory, a fact-filled resource for anyone interested in the DS industry in Utah, widely considered the epicenter of DS manufacturing. Available Summer 2017.

Best-in-class liability insurance for best-in-class companies

UNPA is pleased to partner with RT Specialty to offer Platinum Program Product Liability Insurance that offers higher limits and lower premiums for companies that qualify.